Covid 19 Tests

The Department of Health and Social Care has approved Occupational Health Bristol to be a private provider of general COVID-19 testing and test to release for international travel.

We offer the RT-PCR swab test and fit to fly certificate for £125 and have appointments available Monday to Friday from 12.00 until 14:30 for in clinic testing at Shirehampton Health Centre, Bristol, BS11 9SB.

In clinic testing avoids swab results being reported as inconclusive which can happen with at home testing.

The RT-PCR test is processed at a UKAS approved laboratory. The results and travel certificate are typically available within 48 hours and is approved by all relevant countries for travel and work purposes.

We also offer the Rapid Coronavirus COVID-19 Antigen test.

This sample will be tested for COVID-19 Antigens in clinic, giving a result in 15 minutes. The Rapid COVID-19 Antigen test has an accuracy rate similar to the PCR test – higher than most other antigen tests available.

Please ensure you read and understand the following important information:

This Rapid Antigen test is not suitable for anyone travelling to a destination that requires a negative COVID  RT-PCR test. This test is only suitable for those travelling to some destinations that require a negative COVID test. It is your responsibility to confirm the entry requirements for your destination & ensure you undertake the correct test to meet those requirements.

This test kit is for detection of the live coronavirus indicating a current infection. To determine whether you were previously infected with the virus, you will require Coronavirus Antibody Testing In-Clinic.

The Rapid Coronavirus Antigen Test costs £100 for one person.

Once analysis of your sample is complete, your clinician will interpret your results for you. They will produce a travel certificate, if necessary, for you that indicates your result to meet destination entry requirements.

You can book an appointment on this website through our online booking facility or email