ENG1 Medicals

It is a legal requirement for a seafarer (defined as any person engaged in any capacity aboard a ship) to hold a valid medical certificate.

This assesses their medical fitness to perform their duties safely at sea and adjusting for risks associated with this.

Further details of ENG1 medicals can be found on the MCA website at www.gov.uk/mca

We can perform ENG1 medicals throughout the week at our practice from 0730hrs- 1800hrs

One of two ENG1 MCA Approved Doctors at our Practice will review your medical history with you and then examine you.

An ENG1 seafarer medical will include, as a minimum

  • Observation of movement and gait
  • Blood Pressure, Pulse, Height, Weight, BMI, Urine dipstick Test, Visual Acuity and Colour vision
  • Examination of skin, including leg veins
  • Examination of Heart, Lungs, Abdomen, Hernia check, and Neurological system
  • Teeth, Mouth and Gums
  • Audiogram (hearing tests) may also be necessary

Please remember to bring along with you

  • any previous ENG2 Medical certificate
  • Photographic identification e.g Passport, Discharge Book or Driving licence
  • Glasses or contact lenses if worn plus spares
  • any medication, or recent letters relating to medical treatment which has occurred since the last medical

ENG1 medicals have a standard fee of £115 set by the MCA.

To book or discuss this further please call 0117 9162239 or contact us via hello@occupationalhealthbristol.co.uk